Global webinar: Right to Say NO: Learning from Global Struggles

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Global Webinar on the Right to Say No – Opening of the series

A global webinar series will be held between August and October 2020 on the Right to Say No with the support of CIDSE. It follows from the Thematic Social Forum (TSF) on Mining and the Extractivist Economy held in Johannesburg/South Africa (12-15 November 2018).  The final declaration of the TSF was premised on the platform of “Beyond Extractivism: Reclaiming Peoples Power, Our Right to Say No!

The Webinar series is a continuation of the work of the TSF in terms of consolidating a broad movement of resistance in order to build common struggles for solidarity.  We build this solidarity in diverse ways and from different perspectives but what hold us together is our resistance to the destructive effects of extractivism.

In the name of economic growth and development we have witnessed how extractivsim has exploited the natural resources of so many countries and the devastating impact this has had on local communities.  We have also witnessed the resistance by local communities who claim the Right to Say No on extractive activities in their regions. These local initiatives are the foundation for building the necessary alternatives needed to challenge the system.

Join us for the global and regional webinar series that reflect on cases of community resistance as they struggle for the Right to Say No!

The recording of the webinar can be watched here.
Contact for further information: thematicsocialforum@gmail.com

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