04 November 2011

The impacts of the activities of transnational corporations should be at heart of development discussions, because corporations are taking an increasingly important role in shaping global and local economic and political structures.

CIDSE believes that corporations must act responsibly in society and ensure that they contribute to sustainable development. In order to advocate for this, CIDSE has joined its voice to northern and southern civil society that calls for the application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) which applies to all ‘organs of society’ including transnational businesses. We are currently focusing on 4 major areas of work:

In our fight to prevent business enterprises from becoming complicit in, or tacitly benefiting from, human rights violations, we work together with southern partners on specific cases and situations related to extractive industries, agriculture and manufacturing to support their demands especially at UN and EU levels.

To learn more about CIDSE member organisations work on Business and Human Rights.


Denise Auclair (^da)
Senior Policy Advisor
(EU Policy, Private Sector,
Sustainable Development)
Tel:  +32 2 233 37 58


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