Tuesday, 26 June 2018 07:09

Let's create change this summer!

The power of people gathering and exchanging ideas can be huge and long-lasting; people become ambassadors for change at home and in their communities.

Invitation to sef: and CIDSE Policy Lunch, Brussels, 12 July 2018; 12:00 - 14:00, Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the EU
Rue Montoyer 47, 1040 Brussels

It's time to prepare together to make this a revolutionary year for climate action.

Montreal, June 21, 2018 – As a follow-up to World Refugee Day, the Board of Directors of CIDSE welcomes the announced change in migration policy of the United States which would end the process of separating families crossing the border from Mexico to the United States, but remains extremely concerned about the families that have already been separated and for which the future is still uncertain. This situation is the result of an unacceptable and inhumane zero-tolerance immigration policy.

Monday, 18 June 2018 15:48

CIDSE Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017 (also available in ES and FR)

Problems of access to energy, with communities not being able to afford energy produced in their region and at the same time having to deal with the impact of that exploitation on their environment is a widespread problem. We have discussed this with Melania Chiponda from WoMin, South Africa, and with Andrea Torres Bobadilla from Tierra Digna, Colombia.

Wednesday, 06 June 2018 10:39

Treaty Alliance letter to UN Member States

Open-Ended Intergovernmental Working Group on a Legally Binding Instrument on TNCs and OBEs with respect to human rights- OEIGWG
June 5, 2018. 

...says a group of civil society organizations on the occasion of the European Development Days and World Environment Day.

Shoot for #1o5C! Civil society organisations demand stronger action on climate change that empowers women and girls

The European Development Days (EDDs) will take place in Brussels on 5-6 June 2018 with the focus this year on "Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development" to promote a safer, more inclusive and open world for women.

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