26 October 2011

Eradicating poverty requires sufficient finance, spent the right way.  Rich countries have to live up to their Official Development Assistance (ODA) pledges. Yet, ODA money, even if current rates of commitment are met, will not be enough to eradicate poverty in the face of climate change and other global challenges. New sources of revenue additional to ODA are needed.

CIDSE has been at the forefront of civil society organisations advocating for innovative financial mechanisms to finance development. This issue, along with tax justice, is amongst CIDSE’s key advocacy priorities. More specifically, CIDSE has focused its work on 3 major issues of development finance:

- Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)
- Official Development Assistance (O.D.A)
- Reforming the financial system
- Taxation

Raising sufficient money is not enough though; it will have to be administered and spent well to make a positive and lasting impact. Decades-long experience working with partners in the global south to bring about change has made this clear. Based on this experience CIDSE makes its recommendations on how to use revenues in development cooperation.

Jean Saldanha (^js)
Senior Policy Advisor
(Resources for Development,
Beyond 2015)
Tel:  +32 2 233 37 53


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