04 November 2011

Access to sufficient and appropriate food is a Human Right (Right to Food).

Agricultural production, sustainable rural development, nutrition, employment and trade policy all affect food security. CIDSE works to ensure that these policies are coherent and reduce poverty and inequality, making them effective instruments for the promotion of food security for all. CIDSE's work focuses on markets and investment in agriculture (food price volatility), access to land (landgrabbing), food and climate, and food governance.

CIDSE advocates for food security at level of G20 Agriculture Ministers, the FAO Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and discusses the issue in events like the World Social Forum. CIDSE collaborates closely with the FAO Civil Society Mechanism (of the CFS), the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) and the Food Security group of the European confederation of development NGOs CONCORD.

Read more about CIDSE’s work on Just Food in the areas of:

- Agricultural investment
- Food and climate
- Food governance
- Food price volatility
- Land grabbing


François Delvaux (^fd)
Policy and Advocacy Officer
Food, Agriculture and Sustainable Trade

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