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The UN Committee on World Food Security
07 November 2011

In order to respond to food crises and secure the Right to Food for everyone, the international community must establish a new approach to governance of food and agricultural systems.

Longstanding policy failures, including unjust trade rules, ill-advised economic adjustment policies and neglected agricultural programs have resulted in a vulnerable global food system. An important part of  establishing a new approach to food governance is the reform of the UN Committee on Food Security (CFS).

CIDSE follows the CFS reform process, supporting positive processes such as the negotiation of the voluntary guidelines on responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests. During the 2011 negotiations civil society organisations were able to secure the recognition and protection of customary tenure, the tenure of forests and fisheries and the protection of rights defenders responding to the critical issue of their criminalization. Several controversial issues, such as those relating to investments in agriculture remain open, however.

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