07 November 2011

 Policy makers urgently need to address food price volatility and its impacts on the Right to Food.

 The recent food crisis has painfully revealed the inefficiencies of our food system and the rampant spikes in prices show that food cannot be considered just a mere commodity. Price volatility in global food markets is exacerbating what was already a troublesome situation, with price oscillations profoundly impacting the food security of the poor. We hope that the famine in East Africa is enough evidence for policy makers to recognize that food security cannot be assured by markets alone.

CIDSE analyses the consequences of food price volatility and its impacts on the Right to Food. We advocate for a set of responsibilities which policy makers urgently need to address. Amongst others these responsibilities include the regulation of financial markets, more coherent food governance, the abolishment of agrofuel directives and stronger investment in small scale- agriculture.

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