Southern and civil society responses to the EU-Africa-summit

Written by  CIDSE

Southern and civil society responses to the EU-Africa-summit
02 April 2014

"Europe must be an effective partner for Africa in the effort of strengthening continental unity and institutions that enable free expression and meet development challenges"
- Archbishop Gabriel Anokye

The 4th EU-Africa-summit (April 2-3) has caused reactions from CIDSE partners SECAM (Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar), in an op-ed in the European Voice magazine by SECAM Vice-President Archbishop Gabriel Anokye, titled One hand cannot tie a package. SECAM has also issued a Position Paper on the EU-Africa-summit.

CIDSE's German member organisation MISEREOR has also issued a statement demanding a more humane refugee policy from the EU on the occasion of the summit.

You can see the SECAM Position Paper and Archbishop Anokye's op-ed below.

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