Catholic leaders’ statement on conflict minerals- May 2015 update

Written by  Catholic leaders throughout the world

Catholic leaders’ statement on conflict minerals- May 2015 update
30 April 2015

“We need supply chain due diligence to stop complicity in funding conflicts” – Catholic leaders’ statement supported by CIDSE, October 2014, updated in May 2015 (available in EN – DE – ES – FR)

Companies are selling products containing natural resources that fuel violence and suffering. The EU has a unique opportunity to help put an end to this with the proposed draft European regulation on conflict minerals. Catholic leaders from all over the world are calling on European Parliamentarians and European governments to rise up to this challenge. The joint statement, first released in October 2014, has continued to gain support among European and other bishops. 146 Church leaders from 38 countries on 5 continents have signed it.

Download the statement in EN, DE, ES, FR from the attachment below.

See also "Stopping complicity in funding conflicts", an opinion piece by Mgr Fridolin Ambongo, Bishop of Bokungu-kela (DRC) and Mgr André-Joseph Léonard, Archbishop of Brussels-Mechelen (Belgium) published in EurActiv (20 February 2015)

Contact: Denise Auclair, Senior Policy Advisor, auclair(at)

In this video (published on 4 May 2015) Mgr Fridolin Ambongo- President of the Episcopal Commission on Natural Resources and Bishop of Bokungu-Ikela, summarizes his demands for a better legislation on conflict minerals.

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