Catholic Agencies' briefing on country by country reporting

Written by  CIDSE

Catholic Agencies' briefing on country by country reporting
01 June 2011

Learning from the EITI: Lessons for Effective Country-By-Country Data Disclosure Requirements, June 2011

This briefing highlights both the valuable contributions made by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and our critique of the initiative. Rather than just replicating EITI, it is essential that EU mandatory disclosure requirements build on the lessons learned to date. The review of the EU Transparency Directive is the perfect opportunity to introduce a country-by-country disclosure obligation for companies from the extractive sector listed on the EU markets as a first step to disclosure requirements for all companies. Disclosure requirements of disaggregated payments and other key data on a country-by-country basis will promote good governance and accountability from a much broader range of governments and businesses.

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