From the ore to the car
31 August 2012

From the ore to the car - Mining conditions and supply chains in the commodity sector and the responsibility of the German automobile industry. A study by Misereor, Global Policy Forum Europe and Brot für die Welt, September 2012 (Full report in GE - Executive summary available in EN - ES and FR)

The extraction of commodities frequently goes hand in hand with violations of human rights, severe environmental degradation, conflicts and the criminalisation of human rights defenders. The survey shows that measures taken so far by states as well as by the so far voluntary activities of companies in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility are not sufficient to eliminate abuse and grievances. It also demonstrates that significant improvements are possible in various areas provided that governments and companies are in favour of this. Lastly, the document outlines what concrete measures can be taken in commodity mining to respect and defend the legitimate interests and human rights of the people living in poverty in the global South.

Contact: Armin Paasch, Misereor, armin.paasch(at)
Misereor is CIDSE's member in Germany

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