EU Support for Energy in Developing Countries 2010-2016

Written by  Andrew Scott & Meera Murali

EU Support for Energy in Developing Countries 2010-2016
03 October 2018

Study commissioned to the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) by CIDSE, October 2018

This report presents an analysis of the public finance provided for the energy sector in developing countries by EU institutions over the seven-year period, 2010 to 2016. It provides an estimate of the total amount disbursed for energy projects and programmes through different EU channels. It also estimates the proportion that went to renewable energy and the proportion that went to provide access to modern energy services.

Infographics illustrating the findings of the research are also available.

Andrew Scott, Senior Research Fellow, ODI (a.scott(at)
Giulia Bondi, Climate Justice and Energy Officer, CIDSE (bondi(at)

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