Small scale farmers in Malawi respond to climate change

Written by  CIDSE

01 December 2011

Video: Small scale farmers in Malawi respond to climate change.

In the Dedza region, Malawi, small scale farmers respond to the frequent occurrence of long drought spells by constructing a canal, which delivers water from the nearby Nankokwe river throughout the year. Water means life to them and an opportunity to build a better future. The canal was constructed with the assistance of the Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM)

CADECOM, which is supported by several CIDSE member organizations, works with local communities to jointly find answers to climate change.
CADECOM oversees a range of projects in 76 communities throughout the country, which are initiated and run by the local communities themselves. They identify climate risks, but also the strengths and capacities in each community, which they can rely on in their responses to climate change.

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