Financial regulation and human rights

Written by  Center of Concern

Copyright Center of Concern
01 December 2011

A Bottom-up Approach to Righting Financial Regulation - Why is a Human Rights Approach Needed in Financial Regulation? A Briefing Note by Center of Concern, AWID, Center for Economic and Social Rights, Civicus, DAWN, ESCR-Net, Ibase30, Social Watch, December 2011

The financial collapse and its aftermath represent a moment of awakening about the interdependence of financial regulatory choices with a broader set of public interests. In a resolution issued in 2009, the Human Rights Council recognized the “negative impact of the global economic and financial crises on economic and social development and on the full enjoyment of all human rights in all countries.”

Contact: Aldo Caliari, Director of Rethinking Bretton Woods Project, Center of Concern, aldo(at)

Center of Concern is CIDSE's member in the United States.

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