The G20, financial regulation and human rights

Written by  Center of Concern

Center of Concern credits
05 June 2012

The Group of 20, Financial Regulation and Human Rights – A Bottom-Up Approach to Righting Financial Regulation, May 2012

Part of a series of Briefing Notes produced by Center of Concern, AWID, Center for Economic and Social Rights, Civicus, DAWN, ESCR-Net, IBASE, the Norwegian Center for Human Rights and Social Watch.
This primer argues that while it is proper to not confuse the G20 with a formal institution, let alone one with human rights mandates, its member countries should not try to escape the fact that they have human rights obligations to uphold. Indeed, their actions establishing financial regulation and economic policy trends have significant consequences for the realization and enjoyment of human rights.

Contact: Aldo Caliari, Director of Rethinking Bretton Woods Project, Center of Concern, aldo(at)
Center of Concern is CIDSE's member in the United States.

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