Principles for responsible agricultural investment: CIDSE submission

Written by  CIDSE

Principles for responsible agricultural investment: CIDSE submission
25 February 2014

CIDSE submission to the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) Zero Draft principles for Responsible Agricultural Investments (CFS-RAI), February 2014

According to CIDSE, three important issues and areas are inadequately addressed (or not addressed at all) in the Zero Draft  document that would need to be included and/or reinforcedt. Those are: resilience, sustainability and food systems.

- François Delvaux, Entraide & Fraternité, francois.delvaux(at) Entraide is CIDSE's French-speaking member in Belgium
- Benjamin Luig, MISEREOR, Benjamin.Luig(at) MISEREOR is CIDSE's member in Germany
- Denise Auclair, CIDSE, auclair(at)
- Giulia Bondi, CIDSE, bondi(at)


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