Are we asking the right questions?

Written by  CAFOD

Are we asking the right questions?
18 April 2013

Are we asking the right questions? - Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in International Development, a CAFOD discussion paper, April 2013

UK aid uses public-private partnerships (PPPs) as one way of delivering its poverty reduction aims in developing and transition countries. These partnerships allow the private sector actor to make a profit, and in some cases the donor government also intends to make a profit from this method of delivering aid. This paper looks at some of the arguments for and against the use of PPPs in international development.

Contact person: Beck Wallace, Lead Analyst on Extractive Industries and Corruption, CAFOD, bwallace(at) For more CAFOD-publications on private-sector-led development work, see their publications list.

CAFOD is CIDSE's member in England and Wales

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