Report: CIDSE’s journey in the Post-2015 process

Written by  CIDSE

Report: CIDSE’s journey in the Post-2015 process
30 November 2016

Travel with CIDSE throughout its five-year long journey to advocate for a fair international development framework. Find out what the main achievements and obstacles have been and where we have landed at the end of the process.

This online interactive report tells the story of the: "CIDSE’s journey in the Post-2015 process".

It shows that building an international framework for development is a long and evolving task. By consulting it, readers can grasp what have been the main milestones and obstacles of advocating at different levels for a fair development framework, and how the CIDSE network has evolved experimenting new ways of working with allies and starting joint reflections with the civil society. For this purpose, the report uses several archive documents, video interviews and pictures, coupled with new interviews made recently with some of the “protagonists” of this journey who look back at some of the key moments of the past few years.

Click here to read the report.


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