CIDSE views on sustainable development

Written by  CIDSE

28 September 2011

Video: CIDSE views on sustainable development

Short interviews at a CIDSE conference on growth and sustainability, Brussels, 13 and 14 september 2011

How do participants see successful and sustainable development?

Bernd Nilles, Secretary General, CIDSE
Julia Wartenberg, Director of the Global Women's Project, Center of Concern
Sergio Marelli, Secretary General, FOCSIV-Volontari nel Mondo
Myriam Garcia Abrisqueta, President, Manos Unidas
Fr. John-Patrick Ngoyi-Kasongo, Director, Justice and Peace Commission,Nigeria
Chris Bain, President, CIDSE and Director, CAFOD
Jim Hug, President, Center of Concern
Moem de Miranda, Director, IBASE
George Dixon Fernandez, Secretary General, FIMARC

CIDSE views on sustainable development

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