04 November 2011

In the work-area ‘Rethinking Development’ we critically consider the wider framework in which policies to promote development and the fight against poverty are designed and implemented.

CIDSE is convinced that if we are to tackle the roots of global injustice we have to address failures in current models of development and sustainability, global governance and financial systems. Our goal is to contribute to creating an alternative and holistic model of development that puts human well-being at its heart. Our work in this area is organised under the following headings

- Beyond 2015
- Development effectiveness and impact
- Global Governance
- Growth and Sustainability
- Policy Coherence for Development
- Reforming the international financial system

Denise Auclair (^da)
Senior Policy Advisor
(EU Policy, Private Sector,
Sustainable Development)
Tel:  +32 2 233 37 58
Jean Saldanha (^js)
Senior Policy Advisor
(Resources for Development,
Beyond 2015)
Tel:  +32 2 233 37 53


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