07 November 2011

Towards a post-MDG development framework

CIDSE welcomed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a framework to hold governments accountable,  though we remain critical of its limited ambition and failure to embrace the complexity and holistic nature of development.  A few years short of the deadline for their achievement, it looks very unlikely that the goals will be fully reached. The question is: what will happen next? We can’t wait until 2015 to start thinking of a new cross-thematic framework for development.

CIDSE is keenly aware of the importance of building on our critique of the development framework, of which the MDGs are the clearest manifestation, and start advocating for alternatives. With this aim, CIDSE joined the Beyond-2015 campaign as part of the steering committee.

Beyond 2015 advocates for a people-led process to the formulation of a post-2015 development agenda and has opened the ground for discussions among civil society organizations and social movements all over the world (e.g. at the 2011 World Social Forum in Dakar and the 2011 European Development Days in Warsaw).

The debates reflect a rich array of views questioning prevalent paradigms on economic growth, development and global governance. Visit the Beyond 2015 website.

Beyond 2015 RESOURCES

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