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CIDSE joins “the Europe Experience” – a lay-led initiative to empower Christians as EU citizens – CIDSE
Press release

CIDSE joins “the Europe Experience” – a lay-led initiative to empower Christians as EU citizens

On April 2 2014 a website, “the Europe Experience“, launched, presenting Christian social thinking and action, including showcase projects by CIDSE and other organisations. The project targets the May 2014 European Parliament elections, and EU politics beyond that date.

A launch event at the European Parliament drew several MEPs as panelists and audience, and among other Catholic civil society organisations and lay movements, CIDSE Secretary General Bernd Nilles explained CIDSE’s interest in presenting the effects of decisions taken in the European Parliament and the EU institutions on the rest of the world through the Europe Experience.

The project is divided into five sectors:

From the statement of the Europe Experience:

On 22-25 of May, all over Europe, the citizens of the EU will have the opportunity of casting their vote for the election of a new European Parliament which will determine the shape of the EU for the next five years.

Elections focus our democratic responsibility to change the social and economic order which is – morally speaking – now rather more of a disorder: not by identifying some unblemished party or group, since none exists, but by mandating politics leaders to reshape public policy.

To vote thoughtfully and ethically is to exercise our responsibility as citizens for the common good!

Take a look at what is on offer in the areas where CIDSE has contributed or explore the positions of other organisations and join the discussion!


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