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While some poor and vulnerable communities live without energy access, they are also on the frontline for climate change impacts.

CIDSE advocates for the transformation of the global energy system so that it protects and delivers for all its people. Building safe, affordable, reliable, and efficient energy systems based on renewable sources will meet development needs while complying with the goal of the Paris Agreement to stay within 1.5°C warming of global average temperatures. Such systems can also positively contribute to address the causes of climate change and increase local resilience to current and future climatic impacts. CIDSE also denounces false solutions such as coal, large hydro-power projects, agrofuels and nuclear which can’t deliver a fair and long-term transition.

We believe a rapid global shift to 100% renewable energy production by no later than 2050 is absolutely necessary, as well as a radical and rapid reduction of energy consumption across all sectors. CIDSE also identifies the need to reduce the overall energy footprint of our lifestyles in the global north, and we promote this in our work on sustainable lifestyles. 

Energy and Extractivism

Lydia Lehlogonolo Machaka
Energy and Extractivism

Kim Claes


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