Areas of Work – CIDSE

Areas of work

Our areas of work are not easily divisible. They are interconnected and overlapping, both across the major challenges we address and the changes we envision for a brighter world.  

We address our themes from a systemic perspective, allowing us to see the inter-linkages between the different issues we address, and the alternatives we propose. This facilitates joint work between our different thematic working groups to create connections in research, advocacy and social movements. The themes of climate and gender are particularly relevant across all working areas.  

Our main priorities are two. We help communities to regain control over natural resources by confronting the imbalance of power between corporations and communities that results in the degradation of ecosystems and leaves communities without basic access to necessary resources. We promote just and environmentally sustainable methods of production and consumption, particularly of food and energy, to mitigate carbon emissions while improving the climate resilience of communities. Under these priorities, we have formed working groups for different areas of work based on the knowledge and resources of our network.

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