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Climate science is clear: there are just a few years left with current carbon budget reserves to stay within the 1.5°C limit. Green House Gas (GHG) emissions continue to rise alongside multiple crises of energy poverty, hunger injustice, inequality, and human rights violations that are rooted at the core of our current social, economic, and political system.

As we cannot solve one of those crises at the expense of the others, and as the window of opportunity to tackle climate change is shrinking, we urgently need to act. These times require thorough proposals for an ecological transition – alternative models that can answer the needs of the vulnerable communities that are at the frontlines of climate change, without having contributed to global emissions.

CIDSE not only follows closely the negotiations at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), but also address the climate crisis across all our areas of work. We recognize that corporate impunity allows for extractivist, carbon-intensive economic models to thrive. Climate mitigation and adaptation are core objectives at the center of the models we propose for just and sustainable production of food and energy. We are mobilising young volunteers to become advocates in their communities for climate action and personal carbon emissions.

Energy and Extractivism

Lydia Lehlogonolo
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