Acting for Change – CIDSE

Acting for change

CIDSE plays the role of influencer, connector, and storyteller. We harness our collective power to jointly apply pressure on high level decision makers at crucial moments. We organize spaces for our network to meet to exchange experiences, knowledge and support.  We use innovative storytelling to engage relevant audiences and stakeholders.  

These different levels of engagement allow us to use the resources of our network for multiple impacts. We have a history of experience in influencing decision-makers in high level international processes and institutions. We work to support social movements by connecting them to different actors, bring them together in international spaces of exchange, and to accompany them with our resources as they address policy and corporate interests. In turn, our partners and alliances can inform our policy proposals for influencing high level decision-makers.  

We are using storytelling to find coherent narratives and arguments for our positions, that can be presented to influence a wide variety of audiences and to connect groups across ideas. We have experimented with multimedia reports and audiovisual material to clearly elaborate our positions and visions to influence the general public, the press, and policy makers. We have opened up our storytelling to become a place for the voices of the most affected, through their expression in blogs and videos. 

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