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The changes that we envision towards a just and sustainable world, the kind of transition for society that history usually attributes to politicians or leaders, cannot happen without the personal commitment of the many. There are ways we can all engage in creating the kind of world we want to see, and our actions can be the seeds of a new way of life and the driver for policy makers to move from words to actions. 

By practicing and promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns, we send a message to our decision makers that we want sustainable alternatives to be made the norm with policies that make them more accessible for all, safer and more affordable.  

In 2015 we began the collective CIDSE initiative Change for the Planet – Care for the People, dedicated to inspiring individuals and communities to commit to sustainable ways of life. We develop multimedia materials and organize spaces for activists to learn from each other how to live more sustainably in their daily lives. A project that, inspired by the Encyclical Laudato Si’, put at the center the call for an ecological conversion: a deep transformation towards a more sustainable way of living rooted in our values and a moral call to answer with our daily actions to “the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth”.  

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