Systemic Change – CIDSE


The crises that we face in our areas of work are not isolated. They are connected by root systems of injustice, such as patriarchy, colonialism, and the logic of market growth. The concentration of power has allowed the unsustainable and unjust exploitation of people and our common home. The exclusion of communities from decision making processes has ignored viable alternatives. 

CIDSE has been in a several year process of reflection, consultation and envisioning on a systemic change that would address structural injustices. We no longer elaborate policy proposals in silos, but through interdisciplinary discussions to find coherent solutions. We are counteracting power imbalances in the development sector by sharing the voices of the most affected, accompanying social movements, and supporting the representation of the perspectives of our partners and allies in international policy negotiation. This is a new and ongoing process to try to truly live our values in the way we work, and to effect transformational change. 

Gender Equality and Systemic Change Officer

Nicky Broeckhoven


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