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Haiti earthquake: 5 years later – CIDSE

Haiti earthquake: 5 years later


In the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake in 2010, CIDSE member organisations (MOs) acted immediately by providing humanitarian assistance and have since then been working together with Haitian civil society strengthening their capacities, and they have accompanied local organisations in the reconstruction work.

To commemorate the 5th year anniversary of the earthquake, here you can find some references to CIDSE MOs’ work in Haiti.

Broederlijk Delen (Belgium)

CAFOD (England & Wales)

CCFD-Terre Solidaire (France)

Cordaid (Netherlands)

Development and Peace (Canada)

Entraide et Fraternite (Belgium)

Fastenopfer (Switzerland)

Manos Unidas (Spain)

Misereor (Germany)

SCIAF (Scotland)

Trócaire (Ireland)

Also working in Haiti through their member organisations are FOCSIV (Italy) and KOO (Austria).

CIDSE’s contact person: Edurne Portillo portillo(at)

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