Webinar: Decolonisation in Burkina Faso

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What: Webinar – Decolonisation in Burkina Faso, a fascinating issue in a changing region.
Languages: NL / FR
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How do Belgian actors of non-governmental cooperation and civil society organisations and communities in Burkina Faso see international solidarity and decolonisation? And what are their recommendations for decolonisation? This question has often been asked within Burkinabe civil society.

Together with the Institute for Tropical Medicine and RCN Justice & Democracy, Broederlijk Delen decided to carry out a study on this topic with partners in Burkina Faso and commissioned an academic research from the Cameroonian research institute AfricAvenir. They started discussions with various actors in autumn 2023 and presented their report in early 2024. In this webinar, the speakers will present the study and take you through the rationale for the research, the methodology used and the recommendations that emerged.

– Tocoma Sy, Broederlijk Delen country representative, Burkina Faso
– Yempani Lankoande and Mohamed Dagano, Organisation Démocratique de la Jeunesse du Burkina Faso (ODJ)

Additional information:
Full research (French) and summary (EN-FR-NL).
– Broederlijk Delen is CIDSE’s Flemish member organisation in Belgium.

Credit cover photo: GAFE Haïti. Source: Broederlijk Delen website.

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