04 March 2014

Climate change is not only an environmental problem, but also a humanitarian and development emergency of global proportions, which affects the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

CIDSE advocates for more effective and socially just international agreements to tackle climate change and follows the negotiations at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) closely.


Countries must urgently agree on ambitious cuts in global Green House Gas (GHG) emissions to limit the rise in global temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has indicated this is necessary to prevent the world from the worst impacts of climate change. 

Climate Finance

The poorest and most vulnerable people in developing countries are already feeling the impacts of climate change. To mitigate and adapt to these effects a reliable system of international climate change is crucial.

Food and Climate

Problems of food security and climate change are interrelated. For millions of small scale farmers, climate change is mainly a change in weather patterns which puts their food production at risk. We therefore look at the links between food insecurity and climate change, as well as at the degradation of ecosystems and economic recessions.  

Climate and Energy

CIDSE advocates for the transformation of the global energy system so that it protects and delivers for all its people, including poor and vulnerable communities.

Read more about CIDSE’s work on Climate Justice in the areas of:

- Climate finance
- Food and climate
- Mitigation

-Climate and Energy

In each of these areas CIDSE will continue to invest efforts in demonstrating the impacts of climate change on women and girls in particular by carefully including the gender dimension in our analysis. CIDSE is present at the UNFCCC negotiations, and you can read on our activities in Warsaw in 2013, Doha 2012 and Durban 2011.

In order to jointly put forward a strong call for climate justice, CIDSE works together with several partners worldwide, including amongst others Caritas Internationalis, APRODEV and the Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe.


Giulia Bondi (^gb)
Policy and Advocacy Officer
Climate Justice
Tel:  +32 (0)2 233 37 56





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