Believe in change

Written by  Tanja Haque

Believe in change
24 April 2018

A toolkit for the Catholic community to promote gender equality, by CAFOD, March 2018

This toolkit has been written by Tanja Haque, CAFOD’s Gender Advisor from 2009-2018. All material and case studies it contains were gathered during this period.

This toolkit is organised under the four primary headings of:
1. Individual
2. Family
3. Community
4. Society

The same structure of ‘Seeing, Judging, Acting, Celebrating’ has been used under each heading to help explore the issues and to present information, options, recommendations and tools. You will find sections on church teaching, statistics, the voices of women and other stakeholders, examples of practice and tools to support your own practice.

The toolkit is designed for users to browse and select sections according to their needs and interests. The full toolkit builds systematically from the individual up to a societal level. Please use the material in whatever way works best for you.


For further information please contact Maria Gonzalez, Head of Programmes or Geoff O’Donoghue, Director of Operations (cafod(at)

CAFOD is CIDSE's member in England and Wales.


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