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CIDSE at Rio+20

Read more about our participation at the People’s Summit and the official UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) in June 2012.

Rio+20 media advisory in EN-FR-ES-PT // Overview all CIDSE events (PDF) // Overview partner events co-organised by CIDSE (PDF) // Bios delegation members

A delegation with representatives from the CIDSE Secretariat, members and partner organisations, as well as Bishops from around the world, travel to Rio de Janeiro to urge leaders to make the changes which are urgently needed to bring about sustainable development.

Our demands for Rio+20

To support sustainable development and poverty eradication, measures must:

– Take into account all three aspects of sustainable development: environmental, economic and social impacts
– Respect all human rights, including those of communities, workers and citizens affected by the proposed measures
– Be based upon the principles formulated in the 1992 Rio Declaration (such as the principle of common but differentiated responsibility, or the precautionary principle)
– Give equal attention to the two pillars of efficiency of production and sufficiency of consumption, questioning economic models based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measured growth that led to the current environmental crises
– Be fair and equitable for developing countries, prioritising local sustainable technologies, approaches, and enterprises in view of broad social benefits

Read our full recommendations for the summit in ‘The Changes we Need for the Future we Want’, available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Our events at the official UN Summit

“Sustainable Intensification” and Agroecology:
Which approaches work for the right to food, climate, and sustainable development?

Date:        19 June 2012
Time:        9:30-11:00
Venue:      T-8 RioCentro

This event is co-organised with Misereor, IATP, AS-PTA and SECAM.

Read more about this event (PDF)…

Our events at the People’s Summit

CIDSE and various partners co-organises three events/workshops at the People’s Summit in Rio de Janeiro

“New development paradigms: Viable alternatives to green economy” – 18 June 2012 9:15-12:45 Religions for Rights central tent. Co-organised by CIDSE, People’s Dialogue, Franciscans/SINFRAJUPE, Iser Assessoria, Trade-Finance Network, Social Watch. At this event, the book ‘Imagining Sustainability – 7 visions on green and fair economies from the global south’, a project of CIDSE member Cordaid and Both Ends, will be presented by Cordaid’s Dicky de Morrée and Moema de Miranda, Director of IBASE and one of the 7 visionaries.   

“Climate Smart Agriculture – A smart solution?” – 16 June 2012 9.15-11.00 am Religions for Rights food tent. Co-organised by CIDSE, CCFD Terre Solidaire, Misereor, SRD – Sustainable Rural Development, EAA – Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance.

“The Future of Food Governance Includes People” – 15 June 2012 5.30 -7.00 pm Religions for Rights food tent. Co-organised by CIDSE, CCFD Terre Solidaire, International Civil Society Mechanism Food Security and Nutrition, EAA – Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance.

CIDSE also co-organises a range of events led by partner organisations (PDF). 

Church and civil society leaders statement

Over 50 church and civil society leaders signed a joint statement ‘Time to rethink and regain control over the future of the human family’ which will be presented to press on Sunday 17 June 2012 after holy mass at 10.00 in the Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro (Av. Chile, 245 – Centro – Rio de Janeiro). Co-organised with the Brazilian Catholic Bishops Conference CNBB.

View pictures from the Holy Mass and Public launch of the Faith Leaders’ statement

The delegation

The CIDSE delegation in Rio de Janeiro (14th until the 23rd June 2012) includes Bishops and partners from Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as Directors and staff of CIDSE member organisations and the international Secretariat in Brussels. The following Church and Civil Society Leaders are part of the delegation:

Church Leaders:
– Mgr Guilherme Antônio Werlang, Bishop of Ipameri, Goias (Brazil)
– Mgr Gabriel MBILINGI, Vice-President of SECAM and Archbishop of Lubango (Angola)
– Mgr Paul OUEDRAOGO, Archbishop of Bobodioulasso (Burkina Faso)
– Mgr Paul BEMILE, Bishop of Wa (Ghana)
– Mgr Theotonius Gomes, Auxiliary Bishop of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
– Mgr Josef Sayer (Germany)

Civil Society Leaders:
Bernd Nilles, Secretary General of CIDSE
– Justin Kilcullen, Director of Trocaire (Ireland)
– Sergio Marelli, Secretary General of FOCSIV (Italy)
– Xavier Ricard, Director of International Partnerships CCFD-Terre Solidaire
– Moema de Miranda, Director of IBASE (Brazil)
– Salamatou Gazéré Dotia, Synergie Paysanne (Benin)
– Mamadou Goïta, ROPPA (Mali)
– Prof. Johannes Müller, MISEREOR (Germany)
– Br. Rodrigo de Castro Amédée Peret, OFM-Franciscans (Brazil)
– Jenny Gruenberger-Perez, Director LIDEMA (Bolivia)
– Regina “Nanette” Salvador-Antequisa, Director ECOWEB (Philippines)
– Damiao Paridzane, Terra Indígena Marãiwatsédé (Brazil)
– Azra Sayeed, Roots of Equity (Pakistan)

View biographies delegation members


Policy: Denise Auclair, auclair(at), T: +32 2 233 37 58, M. in Rio, 15-22/6: +55 21 72461611
Media: Roeland Scholtalbers, scholtalbers(at), M:+32477068384 M. in Rio, 15-24/6: +55 21 71852023
Logistics: Chiara Martinelli, martinelli(at), T: +32 2 282 40 70, M. in Rio, 14-22/6: +5521 71124981 

Overview of all CIDSE events at Rio+20 (pdf)
CIDSE official UN side-event on sustainable intensification and agroecology
Other partner events co-sponsored by CIDSE (PDF)

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