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Agroecology made easy!


Struggling to convince policy makers as to what agroecology’s all about and how it can be of real and long-lasting benefit to smallholder farmers and to the environment? A handy new online tool from the Partners for the Land & Agricultural Needs of Traditional Peoples (PLANT) may be able to help.

The organisation’s comprehensive and user-friendly agroecology resource centre hosts a wealth of background materials and references, highlighting the linkages between agroecology and food and seed sovereignty, sustainability, biodiversity, smallholder farmers’ rights, and ecology.   

As discussed in CIDSE’s 2012 paper Agriculture: From Problem to Solution, agroecology is concerned with the maintenance of a productive agriculture that sustains yields and optimises the use of local resources while minimising the negative environmental and socio-economic impacts of intensive practices. It’s a whole-systems approach to agriculture and food that is deeply localised and reflects traditional knowledge and experience, and it links ecology, culture, economics, and society to sustain agricultural production, healthy environments, and viable communities. It also applies principles of ecology to the design and management of sustainable agroecosystems. 

Keen to learn more? Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of agroecology hoping to learn the basics, or a more seasoned agroecology expert looking to glean the most up-to-date information and ideas from the field, readers are encouraged to delve into the PLANT agroecology resource centre!

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