Report: CIDSE at the WSF 2013 – CIDSE
    Opening march at WSF

    Report: CIDSE at the WSF 2013

    Opening march at WSF

    That was it! The last of our CIDSE-events at the World Social Forum in Tunis, 2013, is over! Thank you to everyone who attended throughout these three days, and especially for those who joined our Open Forum on the Tax Justice Agenda today, which we co-organised with Tax Justice Network – Africa and a bunch of other organisations.

    It has been four heavy but enjoyable days of the World Social Forum for us, and the overall programme is far from finished. The closing events are tomorrow, but we will focus on enjoying them, as well as a day or two of visiting Tunis. The WSF 2013 has been a great base for our work on food, on taxation, on agriculture and investment policies. So many people, so many impressions… Thank you to all who have been a part of it!

    Your CIDSE Team at the WSF 2013

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