Report: CIDSE at WSF 2013, day 3 – CIDSE
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    Report: CIDSE at WSF 2013, day 3

    © cidse

    What a busy day! Today we have finally started to learn the layout of the WSF area, the campus of the El Manar University, apparently the best in the country! The area is huge, about one kilometre across. We spend lots of time hiking from one location to the next, and are grateful for the light cloud cover…

    Stands of different organisations line the roads; some of them offer food and snacks as well as handicraft and information about the groups, so the walks are always interesting.

    This morning we started out with a series of parallel workshops on different topics, some well attended, others suffering a bit from the weight of the programme, but all with a good, constructive spirit. The translation facilities sometimes functioned, sometimes not, but we managed by helping each other and through improvisation. The rooms were smaller than the big event yesterday, so more difficult to find and navigate, but that is the nature of a big event like the WSF.

    After a well-deserved lunch, CIDSE’s own Jean Saldanha spoke at the main lecture hall in a plenary session on Global Sustainability Goals, while Gisele Henriques hosted a workshop on How to strengthen the movements and alliances for food Sovereignty and Agroecology?

    Right now we are starting up some of our main events at the WSF this year: the event called Agricultural transition – into a viable future at room P19, which runs in parallel with Eco-Social Fiscal Justice as Part of a Holistic Post 2015 Agenda at Lecture hall nr 1, and Food Sovereignty vs. Energy Sovereignty: The Impact of Biofuels on the Right to Food which takes place in room P13. All of them start now, at 16:00, so please join us if you happen to be around!

    Your CIDSE Team at the WSF in Tunis

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