CIDSE Secretariat joins “I #fast for the Climate”-initiative – CIDSE

CIDSE Secretariat joins “I #fast for the Climate”-initiative

CIDSE has agreed to monthly fasting to keep up the pressure on the UNFCCC negotiations, as well as to keep reminding ourselves of the urgency of the situation.

Running up to COP20 in Lima, several faith-based organisations have agreed to fast one day each month throughout the year. Philippine negotiator Yeb Saño joined the launch of the initiative at a Press Conference in Warsaw, where Fr. Frederick D’Souza represented CIDSE, speaking of the challenges for the UNFCCC process in the lead-up to the COP20 and the failures of the COP19 to deliver on key need of formulating a pathway that would keep a global increase in average temperature under 2 degrees, and the need for a just, equitable climate deal.

Philippa Bonella from SCIAF, member of the CIDSE delegation, moderated.

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