Extractives in Latin America: which responses at the grassroots, EU & international levels? – CIDSE

Extractives in Latin America: which responses at the grassroots, EU & international levels?

Invitation to Panel Discussion organised by Pax Christi International, CIDSE and COMECE. Brussels, 31 October 2017, 10.00 – 12.00

Ms. Mikeas Sánchez Gomez, representative of the Zoque indigenous community and member of the Indigenous Movement of the Zoque Believing People in Defense of Life and the Earth (ZODEVITE) of Chiapas (Mexico), Pax Christi nternational’s peace prize winner.
Ms. Martha Ines Romero, Latin American and Caribbean Regional Coordinator, Colombia, Pax Christi International.
Mr. Stefan Reinhold, Corporate Regulation & Extractives Officer, CIDSE
EU official (to be confirmed)

Many Latin American communities are heavily affected by the activities of extractive industry companies who exploit oil, gas, gold, silver, iron, copper, tin, and others. Worryingly, the situation has deteriorated in recent years, as extractive activities are substantially increasing and expected to grow even more in the coming years. This increase, mostly by transnational corporations, generates irreversible and negative impacts on livelihoods, ecosystems and the human rights of local communities, often causing conflicts. While many Latin American governments have been supporting the practices of extractive corporations through economic incentives and legal changes, alternatives exist. To reflect on these, a representative of the Zoque indigenous community in Mexico will provide an example of her community’s struggle. The other panelists will then address the issue of respect for human rights by European companies and the role the EU should play in this. In particular, the panel will reflect on the relation between trade and investment regimes and the global Business & Human Rights framework, and especially the opportunities opened by the UN binding treaty negotiations.

Venue: COMECE office, Square de Meeûs, 19/1, B-1050 Brussels

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In case of questions, please contact Alice Kooij Martinez, Pax Christi International’s Senior Advocacy Officer (a.kooij(at)paxchristi.net)

CIDSE COMECE Pax Christi International Panel Event October 2017 Invitation

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