An all digital Annual Report – CIDSE

An all digital Annual Report

Also available in French and Spanish

It’s been a year of many digital upgrades for CIDSE. The redesign of our website gave us a fresh and clean new look. It has also facilitated multilingual navigation, and the ability to find and sort content across pages and in our library.

To match this new style, and to continue to make our organisational content more accessible and engaging, we have revamped our annual report.

We had already discontinued many years ago the printing of our annual report, in light of our audience becoming accustomed to reading online, and our impetus to cut down on our paper consumption as an organisation. Without printing, the PDF document did not feel sensible. It lacked the physical easy reading of print, and it lacked the multimedia benefits of digital. And it took the same labor as a print publication to refine the layout each year for three translations.

We finally decided for a better option. Our annual report will now be available as a mini-site, that is clickable and easy to browse. The design is in harmony with our new website. The online interface will be more flexible to our growing range of activities. It will also be responsive to our investment in multimedia materials for our network, with better ability to display video, graphics, previews of publications, and links.

Please, as our network and constituency, do not hesitate to leave your thoughts and feedback on the online annual report below as a comment.

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