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Terre Solidaire photo award – meet the three winners!

The three winners of the first edition of the Terre Solidaire Photo Award, chaired by Sebastião Salgado, have finally been announced! Congratulations to Alessandro Cinque, Anush Babajanyan and Emily Garthwaite for their artistic, humanistic, and committed visions that we are proud to support. Josianne Gauthier, CIDSE Secretary General, has been a member of the international jury that nominated the three winners.



The Italian photographer Alessandro Cinque through his documentary project, “Peru: a toxic state“, brings light to the environmental, social, and cultural consequences caused by the exploitation of mining resources in Peru. The shots are the result of a six-year journey meeting the communities of the Peruvian Andes. His work reflects the violation of the communities’ rights, the degradation of their living conditions, and the disintegration of their culture and identity.
Currently based in Lima, Alessandro intends to continue this photographic project, both in a documentary and militant way. He wishes to cover similar realities experienced by Andean communities in Bolivia and Ecuador. He also wants to publish a photographic book, translated into Quechua, in order to strengthen access to information and unite communities, as well as to raise awareness and encourage dialogue on the abuses committed by the mining industries. His photographic work will be exhibited in its entirety at the Festival Photo la Gacilly in the summer of 2024.


The American photographer Anush Babajanyan, a member of Agence VII, has been awarded the Terre Solidaire Photo Award for her project “Battered Waters”. Through this visual narrative, she focuses on the water crisis in Central Asia, to which are added the environmental problems affecting the 67 million people of this landlocked region. From Kazakhstan to Tajikistan, through Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Anush plunges us into the heart of the magnificence of the landscapes and closer to the populations of these four countries, to tell us the story of a thirsty and neglected region.
Thanks to the Terre Solidaire Awards, Anush wishes to continue to shed light on the problems linked to the management and sharing of water in Central Asia. She also wishes to extend her narrative and documentary work to the countries of the South Caucasus. She will soon be reporting from North East India with CCFD partners.


The British photographer Emily Garthwaite, received the Terre Solidaire Photo Award for her project “Light Between Mountains” carried out in Iraqi Kurdistan. In a complex territory fragmented by a succession of conflicts, she covers the resistance of the pastoral way of life, traditions, and beliefs. Since 2019, she has been traveling through the Kurdish mountains, crossing areas of memory, trauma, and environmental fragility. By writing the stories of the shepherds, farmers, fighters, and pilgrims she met along the way, she gives us a glimpse of the “other Iraq”, one where wonder, quest, and renewal take precedence over war.
Slow journalism and “the return” are two approaches at the heart of her work. Through the Terre Solidaire Awards, she wishes to continue her visual storytelling with a greater focus on environmental threats, continuing her walk alongside the “guardians” of the land and pastoral and religious folklore.

With the support of CCFD-Terre Solidaire, the three winners will continue their photographic and documentary series. You will be able to discover their award-winning work at festivals and exhibitions throughout 2023-2024. (Programme to be announced soon).
More info on the Photo Award can be found on the CCFD-Terre Solidaire website.

CIDSE and the following organisations are partners of the Terre Solidaire Photo Award:

Credit cover photo: Sebastião Salgado
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