2022 Annual Report – CIDSE

2022 Annual Report

2022 saw a convergence of global crises: the unequal impact of the global pandemic, rampant inflation, an increase in food and energy insecurity, a rapid succession of humanitarian crises and climate disasters, and the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

For CIDSE, 2022 was a “transition year”: we invested in a participatory process of designing a powerful strategy which will guide the network until 2028. In addition to this important process of strategy development, we had some very notable achievements across our three areas of focus in 2022, I.e.:

  • Connecting and mobilising: the African Climate Dialogues brought together Church and non-Church civil society actors from Africa and Europe in the run up to the COP27 climate conference in Egypt.
  • Influencing: CIDSE supported a delegation of West African community representatives to visit the EU and to carry out advocacy in relation to the Belgian company SIAT. The company has been accused of appropriating the community’s land and of human rights abuses.
  • Storytelling: CIDSE’s first podcast was launched: I.e. a mini-series of 3 episodes exploring feminist agroecology in collaboration with the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) from Coventry University.

We invite you to click around the interactive CIDSE 2022 annual report to discover more of our achievements and challenges over the past year and hope you will enjoy reading it.

The interactive format is available in English, French and Spanish. An English PDF version is also available for downloading.

Cover photo: Man working on his rooftop garden, India by Sudip Maiti, Winner of the CIDSE 2022 photo competition (professional category). © CIDSE

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