Nationally Determined Contributions Unveiled – CIDSE

Nationally Determined Contributions Unveiled

A Closer Look at Climate Commitments
#13 of the ‘Europe Climate Connection’ Podcast, a CAN-Europe initiative

Ever wondered what happens to climate promises after COPs? This new episode of the CAN-Europe podcast series ‘Europe Climate Connection’ looks into how commitments and pledges translate into actionable plans on a national level and how citizen participation can bridge the gap between global goals and local actions.

CIDSE Systemic Change officer, Kim Claes, sheds light on the intricate process of translating lofty climate commitments made at global summits, such as COP, into tangible and impactful actions within individual nations.

Additional information:
Europe Climate Connection is an original podcast presented by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe. Co-hosts: Seden Anlar and Olivia Saxer. Executive Producer and Editor: Samuel Martín-Sosa. Script by: Seden Anlar. For more info: and

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