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CIDSE 2023 Annual Report

2023 saw several significant events and trends that shaped global dynamics. From escalating tensions threatening global security to the ongoing challenges of climate change and the economic crisis, the world witnessed a complex interplay of political, economic and social forces.

In a context increasingly polarised by extremes, CIDSE has managed to create spaces for dialogue, confrontation and empowerment for civil society, with the aim to give voice to those suffering the consequences of global injustice heard. The proximity to communities and partner organisations from the Global South has allowed for truly transformative advocacy and an exchange of experiences to the benefit of both. 

We believe that the achievements of 2023 set a strong foundation for the coming years of our Strategic Framework, which started in 2023 and goes on until 2028. We are excited to continue this journey with your invaluable support and collaboration. 

We invite you to dive into the report, celebrate our collective accomplishments, and explore the impactful work we’ve done together. Your engagement and feedback are crucial to our ongoing mission, and we encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Cover photo: © CIDSE

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