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Hunger in Gaza: a Israeli Strategy

On World Refugee Day, CIDSE calls attention to the 1.7 million displaced Palestinians, in desperate need for a ceasefire.

Note: This video was originally published on the CCFD-Terre Solidaire website on 24 April 2024. 

A partner organisation of CIDSE French Member CCFD-Terre Solidaire, CMDC (Community Development and Media Center) has been heavily impacted by the war. Since October, following the outbreak of Israeli military operations, their activities have been suspended. Several of their staff have been killed in Israeli bombardments and almost all have been displaced several times and are still in more than precarious situations.  

Those who remain in Gaza are witnessing the effects of the blockade and the lack of access to humanitarian aid for a population that is no longer able to feed itself and are collecting testimonies.  

This short video of a family stranded in the north of the Gaza Strip, testifies of the harsh daily reality people face. (also available with French subtitles

Testimonies in this video were gathered by CCFD partner CDMC (Community Development and Media Center) in the North of the Gaza Strip

Additional information:

  • Based in Gaza City, CDMC (Community Development and Media Center) is an organisation which supports and helps young graduates and media professionals to freely express their opinions and thoughts. 

CIDSE contact: Dorien Vanden Boer, Policy Officer (vandenboer(at)

Cover photo: Displaced Palestinians set up their tents next to the Egyptian border. They fled to the city of Rafah, due to the Israeli army’s invasion of the cities of the Gaza Strip, on March 8, 2024. Credit: Anas-Mohammed.

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