MILLENIUM Festival: La ilusión de la abundancia

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Galerie de la Reine, 26, 1000 Brussels
Languages: English, Spanish – French subtitles

About the Documentary
La ilusión de la abundancia (the illusion of abundance) follows three women facing the destructive actions of some of the largest transnational corporations in Latin America. Bertha lives deep in the Lenca indigenous region of Honduras, Carolina is in the middle of a historical mining region in Brazil, and Maxima resists from her house in Peru, next to the world’s second largest gold mine. Despite the distance between them, these women share a common goal: defend the rights and livelihoods of their community, and protect our planet, land, rivers and climate from harmful corporate activities.
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About the festival
The MILLENIUM Festival is a high-level international event in Brussels, the heart of Europe. The Festival highlights films whose themes are linked to the major challenges and objectives of the 21st century, adopted by the United Nations in 2000, and which reflect humanity’s dreams and ambitions for a fairer and more equitable world. Since its creation in 2009 by Lubomir Gueorguiev and Zlatina Rousseva, the MILLENIUM Festival presents every year the best of committed documentary cinema from around the world. It supports innovation in documentary creation, authenticity and investment by independent directors.
The 2023 edition will take place from 26 March to 06 April 2023.

This documentary has been co-produced by CIDSE.

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