Fragile Amazon-Ana Palacios/CIDSE and REPAM


INAUGURATION “Fragile Amazon” Photo exhibition

Event Details

“Fragile Amazon” Photo exhibition of Ana Palacios. Produced by CIDSE, co-funded by European Union in collaboration with REPAM

INAUGURATION with the presence of:

  • Daniela Andrade, Media and Communications Officer, REPAM
  • Josianne Gauthier, Sercretary General CIDSE
  • Ana Palacios, photojournalist. The author of the photo exhibition will do Guided Tours through the PICTURES and its STORIES in the inauguration and also for groups during the whole day
  • DATES The photo exhibition will be open from 7 to 27th  October. 
  • PLACE: Casa Internazioanle delle Donne (Sala Atelier)– via della Lungara 19, 00165 Roma
  • HOURS: Weekly 9 h- 19 h. / Saturday 9 h- 13 h. / Sunday closed
  • FLYER/POSTER (in JPEG) (dowload image here Spanish / here Italian/ here English  )
  • GENERAL DOSSIER of PHOTO EXHIBITION (in PDF) (here Spanish /here Italian/ here English)

The Amazon is incredibly powerful, yet beautifully vulnerable. The River, the Forest, and the People are a testament to Creation. How easily we abuse, neglect, destroy, and discard what is most precious, most essential. Through these images, we can hear the voices of the Amazon and stand with them. We are called to question our choices, our privileges, and remember that we are all interconnected.