Webinar: Youth of Gaza, stories from a lifetime under blockade

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  • Organiser: CIDSE

Languages: English/French

In this webinar CIDSE invites three inspiring young activists from Gaza to share the stories of young people behind the numbers we hear about in Western media. Their work and experiences show how the youth Gaza relentlessly continue the struggle for justice and dignity in their own way.

About two third of Gaza’s population are young people under 24. Many of them have never set foot outside of Gaza. Unlike their peers elsewhere, they are facing severe mobility restrictions and the violence of an illegal Israeli blockade on a daily basis. The economic collapse and unemployment resulting from the blockade, severely limit their future perspectives. Despite these difficult conditions, young people in Gaza are standing up and responding in creative ways to make life bearable, and their voices heard.


  • Asmaa el Khaldi, Filmmaker and storyteller, Gaza Sky Geeks
  • Majed Abusalama, Director, We are Not Numbers
  • Dina Khadra and Ahmed Al Aydi, Theater Day Productions

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hjtSLeSxQrKCwcG70lnK7g

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