Climate and Agriculture: Harvesting people’s solutions for sustainable food systems

Written by  CIDSE

14 September 2016

CIDSE will host an international workshop on 19-21 September in Brussels

CIDSE members, partners, allies and guests will gather in a 2.5-day workshop next week to discuss about climate and agriculture, with a special focus on agroecology.

A selection of emblematic case studies from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe will shed light on the key dimensions of food systems and their relation with climate change: natural resources, production, connecting smallholders to markets, sustainable consumption. The potential for change of such case studies will be highlighted, and discussions will develop around the opportunities for theses to be scaled up and for the barriers that the current food system poses for the move towards agroecology to be overcome.

The event will also aim at drawing attention to the role of the citizens in shaping, participating and lead the transition towards sustainable food systems. For this purpose, representatives of the CIDSE sustainable lifestyle campaign “Change for the Planet- Care for the People” will actively participate in the workshop.

Furthermore in the evening panel “Agroecology or Climate-Smart Agriculture: Two Models for the Future?” on 19th September, a dynamic discussion will see representatives from the European Commission, fertilizers industries, grassroots organization and NGOs confronting each other on the best way to envisage the future of food systems.


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