Post-2015 policymaking

Written by  CAFOD

01 March 2012

Post-2015 policymaking: What is being planned, what might actually happen, and CAFOD’s current policy lines, CAFOD Policy Paper, March 2012

CAFOD have engaged extensively in the post-2015 arena, as co-chairs of the Beyond 2015 campaign and as an independent agency. The first part of this paper synthesises our understanding of what is currently being planned on post-2015 policymaking, focusing particularly on the official UN process. The second part of the paper gives our analysis of what might actually happen – offering three stylised scenarios. The final section argues what this means in advocacy terms. Given the political economy and policy landscape of post-2015 as we find it in spring 2012, we lay out CAFOD‟s current policy lines on the question of what should come after the Millennium Development Goals.

Contact: Bernadette Fischler, Policy Analyst (post-MDGs), CAFOD, bfischler(at)

CAFOD, the catholic agency for overseas development, is CIDSE's member in England and Wales.

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