Who we are

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Who we are
01 February 2016

We are... an international family of Catholic social justice organisations working together with others to promote justice, harness the power of global solidarity and create transformational change to end poverty and inequalities.

We do this by challenging systemic injustice and inequity as well as destruction of nature. We promote just and environmentally sustainable alternatives and believe in a world where every human being has a right to live in dignity.

We work for a society based on social, economic and gender equality and solidarity, where the economy is at the service of society and functions within planetary boundaries. We aim at a fairer share of and limits in the use of global resources, democratized governance where people regaining control over their choices, economies based on the commons.

We work for reforms with transformative potential: move away from fossil fules and extractivism, limit global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees, promote the right to food and agroecology, regulate business to enforce human rtights, secure sustainable finance and fair wealth distribution, support local communities to speak for themselves, confront gender inequalities, enabling sustainable ways of living.

To make this happen we contribute to global movements and alliances of change, promote peoples solutions and alternatives and advocate at the international level.

CIDSE brings together 18 member organisations from Europe and North America and its international secretariat is based in Brussels.

Our members

Broederlijk Delen – Belgium • CAFOD – England and Wales • CCFD - Terre Solidaire – France • Cordaid – the Netherlands • Development & Peace – Canada • Entraide et Fraternité – Belgium • eRko – Slovakia • Fastenopfer – Switzerland • FEC – Portugal • FOCSIV – Italy • KOO – Austria • Manos Unidas – Spain • Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns – USA •  MISEREOR – Germany • Partage.lu (formerly Bridderlech Deelen) – Luxembourg • SCIAF – Scotland • Trócaire – Ireland • Vastenactie – the Netherlands


CIDSE Strategic framework 2016-2021

CIDSE 2017 Annual Report

See here below also our video presentation and our leaflet (available in EN / ES / FR / GE / PT), introducing our latest achievements.


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